AddTapi.NET Developer's Manual
Park Method (number)
Performs directed or nondirected park.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public string Park(
	string number
Public Function Park ( _
	number As String _
) As String
String^ Park(
	String^ number
number (String)
Number where the call is to be parked when using directed park. This paramater should be null (Nothing in Visual Basic) for nondirected park.
Return Value
For nondirected park, the number where the call is parked is returned.

With directed park, the application determines the number at which it wants to park the call. With nondirected park, the switch determines the number and provides this to the application. In either case, a parked call can be unparked using Unpark(String) by specifying this number.

The parked call typically enters the idle state after it has been successfully parked, and the application should release the reference to the corresponding TapiCall object. When the application performs a Unpark(String) on the parked call, a new TapiCall object is created for the unparked call.

TapiExceptionThe call was not parked because a TAPI error occurred.
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Assembly: Traysoft.AddTapi (Module: Traysoft.AddTapi)